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MBT-1® Featured in 2023 Caltrans Construction Safety Awards
Emergency Response Barrier (ERB) on CBS DFW
MBT-1® Featured in FHWA Webinar: Positive Protection Strategies in Work Zones
Mobile Barriers MBT-1® in Australia
MBT-1® Day Work Zone in Florida
MBT-1® Night Work Zone in Quebec, Canada
TxDOT Mobile Barriers

"Fort Worth District maintenance crews are taking advantage of the latest safety tool - our mobile barrier. The district was one of the first to use the mobile barrier at TxDOT as part of a pilot program. The pilot program was a huge success, so TxDOT purchased mobile barriers to be used in other areas. The mobile barrier is made of high grade steel which allows crews to set up an operation for a short time, make the repair, then move to another repair site."

MBT-1® Crane with Hook & Bucket
MBT-1® Video Overview
NTTA Short Term Work Zone Video